Uganda Remains Safe- President Museveni speaks on Ebola situation

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Last night 08th November 2022 in a televised discourse on the situation of Ebola in Uganda, President Museveni calmed his people as he guaranteed safety to international guests who are said to have postponed and canceled their travel to Uganda.

The Ebola epidemic took a long, existing in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after several confirmations of its eradication but yet, but it could show up again and again, until 20th September this year, when Uganda had already recorded the first case in Mubende district, located in the central part of Uganda.

This has come to the attention of the president after being aware of the guests who keep putting off visiting Uganda and International conventions being displaced to happen in other countries due to a fear concerning the guests’ safety in Uganda owing to the outbreak killing dozens.

“I would like to reassure the international community, tourists, conference, organizers, and Ugandans that the Government has put in place measures to stop the spread of the disease.” Said President Museveni.

He also added that only six out of 146 districts are under a follow-up and therefore, “Uganda remains safe and we welcome international guests.”

In order to tackle new infections or exportation of the cases to other districts or countries, His Excellences placed a second 21-day incubation period imposing strict rules in the districts of Mubende and Kassanda, which hold the majority of confirmed cases.

Boda boda riders are disallowed from doing transports, long trucks are prohibited from carrying logs in and out of those districts owing that the residents boarding them so as to leave the place.  Additionally, Traditional healers are banned from receiving any more clients.

Until today, the Ugandan health ministry accounts for 141 cases, 73 recoveries, 13 people being hospitalized, and 55 deaths. Places considered to be Ebola danger zones are Kampala, Mubende, Kassanda, Wakiso, Kagadi, Bunyangabu, and Kyegegwa.

Particularly, President Museveni expressed his disappointment in a certain family from Kassanda which unburied a dead relative who died of Ebola, so as to do a reburial, hence causing 11 deaths afterward.

However, the WHO announced the greater risks to safety in case nothing is hastily done to fight this epidemic. It also encouraged the neighboring countries to ensure their readiness to curb this disease.


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