Nziza Training Academy Graduates 121 Engineering Professionals in Industry-Certified Programs

Some of graduates with Nziza Training Academy's officials.

In a significant achievement, Nziza Training Academy held its fourth certification ceremony on December 8, 2023, at the M Hotel in Kigali. A total of 121 graduates, including quantity surveyors, architects, engineers, project managers, and BIM specialists, were awarded certifications in various industry-based training programs.

Nziza Training Academy is recognized for offering training across more than 20 different fields related to architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. The academy’s programs are globally authorized and certified by leading brands in engineering and infrastructure software technologies such as Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Protasoftware, and others.

“The skills acquired by the professionals and companies that have undergone our training programs underline our dedication to excellence in skills development,” said Alexandre Nzirorera, the CEO of Nziza Training Academy.

“Our mission is clear: To deliver internationally certified training programs that harness the complete potential of cutting-edge technologies such as CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS, and BIM. Our highly skilled and verified instructors make Nziza Training Academy stand as a beacon of expertise, equipping individuals with the essential skills required to thrive in the dynamic world of architecture, engineering, and construction.” He added!

Graduates from various departments expressed their belief that the knowledge gained would accelerate and innovate construction processes through the application of technology.

Olivier Iradukunda , an electrical engineer at real constructors, emphasized the impact on construction practices in the country.

Olivier Iradukunda, an electrical engineer at Real Constructors, emphasized the impact on construction practices in the country: “What we have acquired from Nziza Training Academy is the technology used in construction to speed up and update the way construction is done in our country. The first benefit is to work effectively in a developmentally appropriate manner.”

Eng. Marie Rosine Byukusenge from NPD Ltd, certified by Autodesk in BIM through Nziza Training Academy.

Eng. Marie Rosine Byukusenge from NPD Ltd, certified by Autodesk in BIM through Nziza Training Academy, noted that the acquired technology skills would simplify their work and improve efficiency.

“We have been trained as NPD’s team on the use of BIM for infrastructure projects, which will help us to reduce the time we spent working on projects and unnecessary trips,” she said.

Hirwa Christian, Chief Technical Officer at Water Access Rwanda.

Speaking at the certification ceremony on behalf of trained companies, HIRWA Christian, Chief Technical Officer at Water Access Rwanda, commended the academy’s transformative impact on their projects.

“Before we knew what NZIZA could help us, we were struggling in designing and implementing our water projects, doing all works manually. But later, we asked ourselves, should we recruit external consultants to help us do our projects while we have a team of engineers within our company? That’s when we discovered NZIZA, and it really helped us. Now, using dedicated water distribution design software, we are able to accelerate our projects three times and without struggle and uncertainties.”

Alexandre Nzirorera, the CEO of Nziza Training Academy.

Nziza Training Academy, founded in 2018 by Alexandre Nzirorera, a Rwandan construction engineer, has been instrumental in collaborating with companies to provide skills that are expected to revolutionize infrastructure projects. During the ceremony, the certified companies include NPD, Real Constructors, Horizon Construction, Water Access Rwanda, ASSETIP, PRISMA, and others. The academy’s commitment to excellence and its impact on the industry have positioned it as a key player in skills development since its establishment.

Some of graduates at Nziza Training Academy.

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