Nyirangiruwonsanga Thamar is everyone’s friend!

Nyirangiruwonsanga Thamar is 74 years old and was born in the Nyamasheke District, in the village of Kirehe. She had eight children, but one was lost during the genocide against Tutsi, and she doesn’t know if he survived.

Thamar is everyone’s friend! That is how we can describe Thamar. I met her when he was passing by on his way home. She is the first person whose photo I took here without knowing who they were. She is a good friend and pleased that we visit her. During one of our visits she asked me why I picked her. I replied that I felt that it was she who picked me, as if it wasn’t for her warmth and kindness I wouldn’t have felt comfortable approaching her in the first place. Thamar says she feels that she is precious because she is loved. We help her with getting some pain medicine for her left arm, which is difficult for her to bend at times.

When asked what she has learned from her mother, one of her daughters, Amandine, said, “to be respectful and to be good in all things in manner of helping people, as when someone does good things before God it brings blessings.” She says her mother loves people as much as possible and when she is able she likes to give something to someone because she is compassionate. She also loves to talk to people, whether they are young or old.

Above all she is amazed by what God has done in her life, and she praises Him as often as she can. I can attest to that myself, as I think she says Imanishimwe Nathale at least ten times each time we visit her. It is important for her to have peace around her as well. Joy too, both of which are apparent when you are around her.

Alan Lane 

Sangiza abandi iyi nkuru

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  1. A friend of mine asked me one time if Thamar is poor. I had to think about that for a minute. She isn’t wealthy in terms of worldly riches and lives a simple life, as many Rwandans do, but in terms of true wealth, I have always felt that she embodies what it is meant to have the characteristics and qualities of the fruits of the Spirt. Charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, and chastity. I can’t think of one of those qualities that she doesn’t have. I am eternally blessed to have met her and call her friend, if not family. God definitely placed both of us in each other’s path.

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