PRISM to Boost Meat Consumption in Rwanda

Beneficiaries of ‘Project for Inclusive Small Livestock Markets’ (PRISM) have expressed their satisfaction in the outcome.

From 15 districts of the country, the beneficiaries say that their small livestock including sheep, goats and pigs are earning them good returns.

Mukandekezi Emelitha from Gishamvu sector , Huye District of the Southern province says that she consumes meat from his goats and poultry thanks to PRISM which gave her 10 chicken to start farming.
“Before this project, I could not afford meat but today, my family feed on meat; my children enjoy balanced diet,” Mukandekezi said.

In order to promote sheep breeding, PRISM in collaboration with Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resource Development Board bought 50 modern sheep breeds from Kenya which are expected to provide breeding to those who need them to start farming sheep farming project in Rwanda.

This, believe PRISM officials, could solve the problem of low meat consumption among Rwandans.
Venantie Nzabakurikiza from Gataraga Sector, Musanze District of Northern Province says that raising sheep has boosted meet consumption in her family.
“My family members and I consume lamb meat very often because of PRISM which helped us change our mindset about consuming sheep meat which was despised,” she said.

Dr. Fabrice Ndayisenga, Head of animal resources Department at RAB said that meat consumption among Rwandans is still low, but PRISM is expected to change the narrative.
“Meat consumption is still low with 8 kilogram per year against the ideal 45 kilogram annually. We believe that PRISM will boost meat per capita consumption.”

Ndayisenga said adding that their seven -year target is to increase the content of meat to 150,000 metric tons against 130,000 metric tons currently.

Meanwhile, 80 per cent of meat consumption is expected to be offered by small livestock farming, while cows will only account for 20 per cent of the meat per capita consumption.

In order to ensure safety of meat production from small livestock farming, PRISM helps to build infrastructure including livestock markets, slaughter houses and veterinary clinics to fight against diseases.
‘’ PRISM has invested 510,396,226 Rwandan francs in 15 Veterinary clinics, especially for construction and supply of key equipment,” Said Joseph Nshokeyinka, the project’s Operations Manager.

PRISM is implemented in partnership with RAB and jointly funded by IFAD and ENABEL, with Heifer International and VSF Belgium as key implementing partners.

PRISM Project operates in districts of southern province including Ruhango, Huye, Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe and Gisagara. Other beneficiaries are Musanze, Burera, Gicumbi, Gakenke and Rulindo from Northern province and Nyamasheke, Karongi, Rutsiro, Ngororero and Nyabihu of Western Province.


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